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Family Friendly…Me???

Well, I’ve joined the Family Friendly Blog Roll…if you’re not part of it you can click on the icon over there~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
and join em up…OR you could find some GREAT…well, family friendly…heh…blogs. I’m hoping this will bring some more traffic to my blog as well…I like when people actually respond ya know?? Sooo…hint, hint…leave a comment ;~)

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This One’s for the Girls!!

So if you’re a guy, you may want to stop reading…


okay…I warned you…

This is for all my big busted girls out there…Why is it that I can NEVER find an AFFORDABLE bra!?!?!? Yes, I could probably go to my local VS shop and be fitted…BUT there is no way in the hot fires of Hades that I am going to put myself through the shame of being fitted by some skinny no-boob, no-bra-wearing teenage girl who is amazed that a 20-something like me could be so saggy already…hello…I breastfed TWO boys thank you…ugh…I can see it now…she looks through what they have in the store unable to find anything big enough, when she gets on the loudspeaker and says “Umm…we need a 36 (cause my problem isn’t the distance AROUND) ultra double Z LONG please” When she figures out that they don’t carry that size she assures me, well, MOST people aren’t that size…pshaw…

Come on girls…I can’t be the ONLY one to have this problem…I know hoity toity stores carry custom sizes BUT who wants to pay $100 for a BRA!?!?!?!?!? NOT ME!!!!

So here’s my plea to Walmart…PLEASE…start carrying larger sized bras that are cute!! I don’t want Granny-bras-in-a-box…I want cuteness…I am afterall a twenty-something…I have dignity you know…I want support…I want comfort…I want AFFORDABILITY!!!


*straightens shirt and hair*

Thank you.

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I Need a Nap!!

So I made the big announcement last week to you all. Last night was spent filling out paperwork for a seminar we will be attending next month. We knew the paperwork consisted of several different personality tests as well as a Spiritual Gifts inventory, but we had NOOOO idea just how in depth the questionnaire was going to be.

It asked for our credit score, our debt, our views on MANY different doctrinal as well as preferential issues that are prevelant in the church right now. Mike and I were up until 2am finishing up the paperwork.

Did I mention Blake has been sick for most of the weekend? He started running a fever early yesterday morning and is at home with Mike today. Poor baby…now I’m not feeling very good. I’ve been drinking tea all day waiting for the girl I’m supposed to train. After I’m through with her I may try to sneak out early. I need a nap!!

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Spilling the Beans

Okay, so I’m ready to spill the beans. God has been at work in our little part of the world a little extra these past few months, and He’s revealed a plan for us that honestly I NEVER saw coming. Mike and I have been in ministry for 7 years now and when he called us OUT of that ministry last year we knew in our hearts that we weren’t OUT for GOOD. We knew that God needed to work on our hearts for a bit…and work He did. He brought us to a loving church where we were able to be FED. We learned what we had been missing. We had been missing that LOVE that we are to SHOW to people. We had been missing the DESIRE to bring people to Christ. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve been in a “bad” church environment. You don’t want to invite anyone to church b/c you don’t want Christ to be misrepresented. You become so bitter over the politics that you lose that LUST and VIGOR for worship.

We have been through the fire and come out cleaner on the other end. We are not CLEAN, because we never will be, but we DEFINITELY have had our rough edges smoothed, glossed, and molded lovingly by the Potter’s hands. He’s molded us into something we never thought he would…seems as if God thinks we should be planting a church.

About 2 months ago our pastor approached Mike and I at the kid’s choir picnic. He asked us if we were ready to pray. I started thinking “YAY…he’s going to offer Mike a job at our church.” The next moments were not exactly what I was hoping. He said that they had been praying about this for a while and would like to know if we would be interested in planting a church.

Now we had heard about this planting project for quite a while. Our church planted another church on beachside that went SO well that the church was independent withing the first 6 months. Now if that is NOT by God’s hands I don’t know WHAT is.

Mike and I have never even CONSIDERED something like this. As a matter of fact when he asked us, I thought to God, “NO!! This wasn’t what I was hoping for!” Um..yeah…it’s all about me remember…

Well, we’ve had two months to pray…to stew this over. We haven’t OFFICIALY said yes, but we are leaving next month for a week to go to TN for a church planting seminar. We are SO excited about where God is taking us. We’ve been burned in the past by churches…bad…BUT we know that God MUST use us…if He doesn’t than we will sit and wallow in our self pity and NEVER come up from the ashes that we’ve fallen to.

So…with this next move we will probably end up moving…yes, we just bought our first house. I will probably be quitting my job…wait…I WILL be quitting my job. Mike will be doing what God wants Him to do…I’ll be doing what God wants me to do…he’ll be doing ministry, I’ll be doing music (YAY)…AND, oh AND!! AND I’ll be able to spend MORE time with my children and HOPEFULLY homeschool!!! I am SOOOO excited to see where God takes us in the next few months.

If you’ve made it this far in this REALLY long post…please keep us in your prayers. While this is an exciting time it is also VERY scary to yet again step out on faith to see where He takes us.


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Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things about MEME!!

  1. I was born in KY but lived most of my life in sunny FL.
  2. I have played piano for 19 years now.
  3. I know how to drive a stick shift.
  4. I work for one of the largest employers in our area.
  5. I’m an account rep for THE biggest client here.
  6. I still make WAY below what I feel I deserve.
  7. But I don’t care.
  8. I don’t plan on being here much longer.
  9. My husband and I are going to be starting a church in Palm Coast.
  10. We’re really excited about that.
  11. I haven’t posted about that yet so if you’re reading this blog for insight in our lives, this is it!!
  12. We just bought our house in February and are already looking at our options to sell it.
  13. I am not as thrilled about that part, because I LOVE my house, but God has something better in mind…I know this…

Thanks for reading!!

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You may be asking why I would mention homeschooling…I work full time afterall. Well, I am very seriously considering homeschooling my boys starting this coming spring. I miss my children and therefore would LOVE to do it, but at the same time I worry that I will grow weary over time and not want to continue…

Beth over at Her Majesty’s Throne wrote an EXCELLENT post this morning. Hop on over and check it out. She so graciuosly wrote what I’ve been feeling for the past few months.

Six months ago I NEVER would have said yes to homeschooling, but God is changing me. Not only is he changing me but he’s changing my husband. I know that with God’s help I can and will be able to do this.

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That ONE phone call

It was a normal Friday for me five years ago this October. I didn’t have school so the hubby and I had been out shopping all day getting ready for the impending arrival of our first child. We arrived home about 5:00 that evening and I checked our voice mail only to find SEVERAL calls from my mom and my sister.

My mom was on her way home from Miami when she got a call that would change her world forever.

That morning my sister was getting ready for school. It was homecoming week and she was dressed to the nines in her hippie gear. She went to run out the door but was stopped by my dad who wanted to take her picture. As she looked at my dad she could tell something was off. He was leaning against the wall in order to steady himself to take her picture. She asked him if he was okay and he brushed her off saying that he just slept funny on his foot.

After my sister left for school, my dad went back to working his morning crossword. That’s when he finally realized something terrible was wrong. He could no longer hold his pencil in his right hand. He started not feeling well and decided to drive himself around the corner to the fire station…yes, I said drive. By the time he made it to the station which was less than a minute away, he could no longer use his right arm and had to reach over himself to put the car in park. He made it to their front porch before he collapsed.

My fingers tremble as I type this story out. It makes me go back to the messages that heard that day. “Stephanie…you need to call me NOW!” When we got home and called my mom she had just got back into town. She was headed to the hospital and all she knew was that it was most definitely a stroke. That was all she knew. The hospital couldn’t tell her anything else. I wanted to come over (we lived an hour and a half away at the time), but she kept telling my no. She didn’t want to worry me with be pregnant and everything…Of course, I went.

My dad had suffered a stroke. He couldn’t talk very well, and had to lay flat on his back. But he was okay. He was in the hospital for what felt like forever, but eventually was released to come home. He was lucky…we were lucky. After that day, he worked hard to be as healthy as he could be, including losing a LOT of weight…

That wasn’t my dad’s last brush with death. 3years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. And once again we received a scary phone call. This time we lived in KY and couldn’t get home to see him. After a few months of knowing he had cancer he was able to have surgery. The surgery went really well and he was given an all clear on his health.

Two weeks after his surgery he started suffering from chest pains. The doctors and nurses all assumed it was from his meds. They kept in the hospital over the weekend for observations but the pains wouldn’t go away. They told him if it was a heart attack the pains would go away and not be consistent like they were. That following Tuesday my dad went in for heart bypass. Sure enough he had had a heart attack and was no needing bypass on all 5 arteries!

Heart disease and stroke have touched our family in ways that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It is for this purpose that I am taking part in this walk. Yes, the walk I posted about last week. Our name has been changed to the Nitro’s which seems MUCH more fitting. I look forward to participating in something that I hope can bring change and prevention in the future.

I have included the link to my walk page if anyone would like to donate towards the cause. I would also appreciate your prayers for those families who have been touched and devastated by this terrible disease.

Everyone knows someone affected by heart disease or stroke. For those I love, I will be walking in this year’s Heart Walk. I have set a personal goal of $500 to raise funds for the American Heart Association and need your help to reach my donation goal. We are raising critical dollars for heart disease and stroke research and education. You can help me reach my goal by making a donation online. Click on the link below and you will be taken to my personal donation page where you can make a secure online credit card donation. The American Heart Association’s online fundraising website has a minimum donation amount of $25.00. If you prefer to donate less, you can do so by sending a check directly to me.Your donation will help fight our nation’s No. 1 and No. 3 killers—heart disease and stroke. You are making a difference. Thank you for your support.Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support American Heart Association – Ormond Beach, FL