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Islands in the Stream

And for all of you who were asking…THIS was our inspiration…heh

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I’m having a bit of an issue with my blog…I am guessing this is the problem with having three computers…yes, it’s insane I KNOW! I copied my template to Word before I changed it a while back so I wouldn’t lose all my links, and now I can’t seem to remember where I saved and on which computer…le sigh.

Knowing my luck it’s probably on the computer where I used to work…heh

So until I can get my head on straight, it will look this boring…eventually I’ll find the hour it is going to take me to recreate all of my links and buttons…fun, fun, I know you’re jealous.

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Hello Dolly!

Ok…so I had the MOST embarrassing night of my LIFE this past Friday night. We had our Valentine’s Banquet at a local hotel for our church. Mike and I were asked to provide entertainment so as the smart people we are, we decided to completely humiliate ourselves.

Now, you’re probably hoping that I have a picture to post, but that is not happening. I dressed up as Dolly Parton and Mike dressed up as Kenny Rogers. We sang Islands in the Stream…*hangs head in shame*


Now, I’m a bit too young to remember Islands in the Stream, so I did what any normal 20 something would do…I checked out Youtube. And of course, some Parton/Rogers lover posted their performance. Once I was able to stop giggling through the song, I tried to act it out as much as I could…a la embarrassment.

I THOUGHT that would be the worst part of the evening, but we were also chosen to play the Not-So-Newleywed game…ugh.

The first question offered to my husband while I was out of the room was, “What was the first thing you noticed about your wife when you met her?” His face turned bright red and right off everyone knew what he wanted to say, but was too gentleman to do. So with our youth pastor’s help (yeah, thanks Craig) he offered the help of Song of Solomon…so of course, that got Mike’s mind thinking creatively…

I know you’re wondering what he answered…but it wasn’t ONLY what he answered but what our “Notation Girl” wrote down for his answer…she wrote what he said and then added some illustrations….and again I say, ugh. His answer??? Blessed Mountains.

Gotta love him…I do, don’t I??? Heh

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Okay…it’s been a few weeks since I checked in here and I DEFINITELY need to update you all on how much God has been doing in our lives right now.

We launched Tomoka Christian Church at Palm Coast and had 261 in attendance on our first Sunday!! Despite MAJOR technical difficulties, God still allowed us to have an awesome weekend.

This past Sunday was our second weekend of services and we had SEVERAL new faces. We give out coffee mugs to all first time guests and I personally got rid of at least 5…we’re guessing we gave away about 15 mugs!! We had 240 in attendance this weekend.

God is really opening our eyes to just how much a Christ centered church is needed in this community. We are so blessed to be a part of it!