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Week 1: Day 4

Heh…if anything this is going to help me stay very active on my blog 🙂

Day 4: Exodus 20; Deuteronomy 5-6 (Law); Micah 4 (Prophet)

Exodus 20

The Ten Commandments: The NIV Study Bible States: “The Decalogue reflects the structure of the contemporary royal treaties. On the basis of 1) a preamble, in which the great king identified himself (“I am the LORD your God”), and 2) a historical prologue in which he sketched his previous gracious acts toward the subject king or people (“who brought you out…”), the Lord then set forth 3) the treaty (covenant) stipulations to be obeyed (in this case, ten in number vv. 3-17). Use of this ancient royal treaty pattern shows that the Lord is here formally acknowledged as Israel’s King and that Israel is His subject people. As his subjects, his covenant people are to render complete submission, allegiance and obedience to him out of gratitude for his mercies, reverence for his sovereignty, and trust in his continuing care.”
God deals in absolutes, in black and white. I am thankful that he does so I don’t have to guess at how to be saved.

v. 5 “For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God.” This commandment has always thrown me for a loop. How can God say he’s a jealous God and then a couple verses later say we’re not to covet anything belonging to our neighbor? NIV SB says, “God will not put up with rivalry or unfaithfulness. Usually his “jealousy” concerns Israel and assumes the covenant relationship (analogous to marriage) {LOVE THAT!} and the Lord’s exclusive right to possess Israel and to claim her love and allegiance. Actually, jealousy is part of the vocabulary of love. The “jealousy” of God (1) demands exclusive devotion to himself, (2) delivers judgment to all who oppose him, and (3) vindicates His people. In some of these passages the meaning is closer to “zeal” (the same Hebrew word may be translated either way, depending on context).

v. 5 “to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me.” NIV Study Bible: “In covenant contexts the terms “hate” and “love” were conventionally used to indicate rejection of or loyalty to the covenant Lord.” Okay…so we’re expected to adhere to these commands if we’ve enterred into a covenant relationship with God. What about those who don’t? Are they not expected to adhere to these laws? v. 5 says they’re punished and generations are punished for not doing so. Are we helpd to a higher moral standard due to this covenant? I think so.

Deuteronomy 5-6

This is Moses’ reiteration of the Ten Commandments. I’m not sure if Israel needed to be reminded of their covenant or not. I thought vv 26 and 27 were interesting – the Israelites had never heard of a man who has heard the voice of God speaking from fire and lived. Heh…they’re TALKING to one. Moses’ first experience with hearing God’s voice was out of a burning bush. Had Moses not shared his testimony with Israel?

Micah 4

v. 4 “Each of them will sit under his vine and under his fig tree, with no one to make them afraid, for the mouth of the Lord of hosts has spoken.” The fear is gone. Once we are all on the mountain, we’ll have nothing to fear 🙂

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Week 1: Day 3

Week 1: Day 3: I Kings 19; I Chronicles 22; Acts 9 (History)

I Kings 19

Yesterday we saw God’s judgement in Hosea 11. Today we’re seeing destruction, but God was not in it. He was the gentle whisper. When the Israelites DESERVED God’s judgment, God was instead the gentle whisper. God was giving them (mainly Elijah) a second chance to answer his question of “What are you doing here?” Elijah didn’t change his answer though – did he not realize what he had just seen? God instructs him to go back. God is going to give Elijah exactly what he needs–HELP. He’s giving him Elisha. God is once again protecting Israel by keeping a remnant who still love Him and have not bowed to Baal nor kissed him.

I Chronicles 22

Once again we see God using details, providing everything Solomon and the Israelites would need to construct the temple. I love that Israel was given a break–a rest. After all the wars and battles under David’s rule-God gives David Solomon who becomes a man of rest. He gives Israel a time to rebuild and renew their covenant w/God. It’s an ebb and flow that I see in my own life. A roller coaster of highs and lows. I don’t necessarily love God LESS on the lows, but He definitely uses these times for renewal and rebuilding to the point I end up loving Him more and more.

Acts 9

How comforting is it to know that Jesus feels persecuted when we are? I love the story of Saul’s conversion. I love that God can turn the hearts of those who hate Him. I can’t understand why anyone would feel they’re not worthy of God’s love after hearing about Saul. I also love that during a time of rest (v. 31) and peace the church continued to grow and that the Holy Spirit was so evident in every congregation.

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Week 1; Day 2

Day 2: Psalm 84; Hosea 11; Exodus 15:1-18 (Poetry)

Psalm 84

“For a day in your courts is better than a thousand outside.
I would rather stand at the threshold of the house of my God
Than dwell in the tents of the wicked.” (Vs. 10)

WOW! I picture myself standing at the gate of this beautiful, luxurious home and never growing tired of what I am seeing. All the while never wanting to go back to the shabby tent that I thought I was so happy in. Once I saw this home I no longer wanted anything to do with my tent. What an allegory. Once I saw this life that God could offer me, I no longer wanted to live the life the world had to offer.

Hosea 11

Ouch. Makes you want to think twice before making God angry. I love how God told us early in the chapter how much loved and took care of Israel and Ephraim. Then there is this flip. God goes from being the loving, doting Father God to the disciplining (yet still loving mind you) Father God. God disciplines us BECAUSE He loves us and wants us to turn back to Him and trust Him. I don’t think I ever truly understand the love behind discipline before I had my own children. I mean, I know my parents tried to protect me from things because they loved me and didn’t want to see me hurt, but I never truly UNDERSTOOD the love behind that protection.

Exodus 15:1-18

Hmmm…makes you wonder why the Israelites didn’t continue singing this song later on. If they had continued to praise Him maybe they would have avoided the wrath we read in Hosea. Makes me rethink MY prayers. How often do I grumble and complain that things aren’t going well only to forget to thank and praise God for all He’s already done for me. Makes me look like the bratty child that I am.

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Disciple: Week 1: Authority

I have joined a new Bible Study at church called Disciple. This is an in depth study of Scripture that last 32 weeks and involves reading up to 75% of the Bible. Pretty cool if you think about it. Anyway, I want to start posting what sticks out to me here on my blog so I can get my thoughts down on paper as well as rabbit trail if I need to…heh

There is an assignment for 6 days of the week and you rest on the 7th…kinda like God did 🙂 I will post the day and the assignment as well as my thoughts so that if anyone wants to follow along, they may. 🙂

Without further ado……..Disciple….

Day 1: One Bible: Many Books
Assignment: Write your first impressions

My first impression of my Bible today was the weight and size. Have you ever heard the quote “God is in the details?” Looking through Scripture I hold this to be true. Seeing the names of the books representing some of the writers of Scripture, along with pictures of the tabernacle and then Solomon’s temple, you can’t help but marvel at the details. Seeing books like Numbers in which the census was taken of Israel. All of this was important to God. So why do I bypass so much of it?

I’ve often heard the Old Testament referred to as the window to the New Testament. What a true statement. Without the ability to see the laws of the OT, I feel like we’d become complacent with our Savior. We’d never understand the redemption, the gift that He has given us. The OT is so vast, full of bloody battles, talking bushes, talking DONKEYS, etc. But how blessed are we that we fall under God’s grace? We don’t need to hear His voice from a bush that’s on fire. We have His Word to hold in our hands no matter how bulky or thin your Bible may be.

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First Day of School

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First Day of School, originally uploaded by piano_gal_79.

Ryley started Kindergarten this past Monday…sniff, sniff…He’s getting so big!!

Blake has started Pre-K and is SLOWLY getting used to going to school every day. He’s only been to preschool and that was a part time thing. He’s learning that he can’t just stay home with mommy and it’s been a bit of an adjustment. But he LOVES it once he’s there.

Ryley is so excited to go to school that it’s all I can do to get a hug and kiss from him before he’s running to his classroom…

Where did my babies go? Poor Jackson (I don’t think I shared this yet, but that’s the new baby’s name) will be so smothered he WILL run to his first day of Kindergarten 🙂