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Fun Times!

This weekend was a total FUN TIME!! 🙂 Yes, it’s Thursday night and I’m just now getting around to blogging about it, but I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my weekend…

I’ve told you all before just how wonderful my husband is, but in the 8 years we’ve been married, I seriously love him more and more every day…

My weekend started off with a sonogram Friday afternoon that revealed we are having ANOTHER BOY! Yes, that means a husband, 3 boys, and 2 male dogs in the house with lit’l ol me 🙂 Heh… The funny thing is, I’ve had a couple people actually express condolences that I didn’t get my girl…I am really not sad AT ALL…I spent Thursday of last week walking through the baby aisles at Target and after looking at all of the pink realized I would have NO CLUE how to take care of a girl. I love my boys and I am thrilled to add another to the team…heh

After that it was Birthday Celebration weekend. Being our first weekend NOT at Palm Coast we really just wanted to keep busy and not think about it. SO, my birthday was a great excuse to do just that. We spent Saturday hanging around the house not doing much at all, but Sunday we skipped church (gasp) and spent the day shopping (mostly window). We went to lunch just the four of us, bought me a hammock (JOY), ate ice cream, went to eat with the entire family AND friends who were visiting from KY.

It truly was a time that we were able to focus on our family. Something we haven’t really been able to do in quite a while. The time I’ve had with my boys and with my hubby in the evening has been trully special and I’m thankful that God is granting us healing already.

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The Big Picture

I could say I’m sorry yet again for my lack of blogging, but I think I’ll pass. This month has been incredibly difficult. First with the loss of our jobs and then with the loss of a friend. Sigh…Satan sure likes to kick you when you’re down. But, it’s amazing to me how even in the midst of dark times, God reveals Himself with a brighter light then I have ever previously experienced.

In a vocational ministry that is SO taxing on families that it is considered the MOST difficult and stressful type of ministry, so much in fact that church planting has the highest rate of divorce as well as the highest rate of burnout…God protected Mike and I from both. It sure didn’t feel like it in the midst, but God brought us back around to see the big picture.

When I was in Middle School I was a part of our Teen Choir at church. We did a play called “The Big Picture” that was written by Michael W. Smith. It was the story of a group of friends who lost their dear friend Leesha. I’ve thought back to this play often in the past few weeks and can remember MOST of the songs with great clarity. One of the songs, Secret Ambition, talks about Christ’s plan to save the world. But, I have seen especially in these past few weeks that my salvation is not God’s only secret ambition. He is revealing a new ambition for us right now. Mike and I are just realizing what this all entails, but it is rather exciting. Scary? Heck yes. Faith building? You betcha.

It’s only after being drug through the much and then being shown the beauty of the track you walked and seeing the Big Picture does it really make sense. I have seen a maturity in my husband that I never saw before. A spiritual leader like no other man I’ve ever met. He’s taken the high road when most would have gone kicking and screaming and you know? It REALLY has been better for our marriage. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to deal with church politics and it won’t be the last. We realize that churches are made up of imperfect people…we’re definitely not perfect so why should we expect that of anyone else. We were able to leave a church that will remain healthy and intact. No gossip, no spite…just a bit of anger, but even that will be smoothed over. After all, love covers a MULTITUDE of sins right? We love our church and while we don’t always agree with decisions that are made, we do trust and we do have faith that the leadership is making a decision based on a lot of prayer.

I sat through Tuesday church today (I had to play piano)…it is mainly geared towards the older generation, but I love to listen to Pastor Ed preach. He said something today that really touched me. Scripture tells us once that we are to go into all the world and make disciples. It (in essence) tells us twice that we are to love the Lord our God. But, Scripture tells us roughly FOUR TIMES that church is to be a house of prayer. When I think about that in regards to the Big Picture…hmmm…really makes me think that we WEREN’T doing what God called us to do in Palm Coast. After all, it IS about the Big Picture…

Mike is now happy. I am now happy. Natalie is in heaven. Onward and Upward as she would say.

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One more thing…

We at Women at Home are taking up donations for flowers for Natalie’s memorial service on Monday. If you would like to contribute, you can click HERE. We are in the process of deciding what we will use the extra money (if any) for. Thank you for continuing to lift up Jonathan and Anna her two children.

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In honor of my dear friend Nattie all of us at Women at Home are continuing with a meme that Nattie started a while back…Friday Felicities

Here’s a list of what I love…

1. Friendship even if we’ve never met face to face
2. The knowledge of having the best prayer warriors around
3. I have to echo Nattie in a nice cold diet coke…nothing better
4. A place to feel safe
5. Friends who are completely honest no matter what!
6. The peace that passes all understanding

I love you Nattie and I am so happy that I had the pleasure to meet you and call you my friend.

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Thank you!

I love all of you…thank you so much to those who left such sweet comments and emails…this week has been difficult, but only by the grace of God are we doing okay…really.

To make a long story short, Mike and I have lost our positions at the church…which we’re not really sure why, but at the same time it was done in a very loving manner…we have plans now to just go back to working our secular jobs again…I’ll most likely take up piano lessons again and maybe a very part time job somewhere…

Who knows?

But, we would appreciate all of your prayers in the meantime…we have a LOT of changes headed our way…