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The New and Improving ME!!

No, I’m not here to promise to blog more…we all know how that will turn out. I’m here to tell you (my endearing throng of reader…yes, singular) that I am making changes (yes, plural!)!!!

The ladies at work and I have been doing Weight Watchers together and really documenting what we’re eating and holding each other accountable…and let me tell you, accountability is awesome!! Who knew!?!?!? 🙂

So far I have only lost 5 pounds, but I’m not down about it! I’ve lost FIVE POUNDS IN THREE WEEKS!!!! I think that’s pretty awesome if you ask me 🙂

But the bigger changes I’ve seen this week is that I’m not only opting for the healthier choices, but I’m WANTING the healthier choices!! I’m working out every day and I really, REALLY want this!! About time right?

Right now I’m at my heaviest (non-pregnancy) weight. I’m so not happy about that. I mean, I could seriously care less what other people thing about me, but I DO care about how *I* feel about me. I care about being desirable for my husband (NOT that he’s ever complained mind you) and I care about being healthy for my kids.

I’m proud to say that I am actually grasping this whole change and running with it. Change has never been easy, but it’s always seemed to be a part of my life whether I’ve liked it or not. This time I’m grasping it and embracing it and never, ever going to let this go!!