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Throw up….in CHURCH!?!?!?

OK…so I know my church is very much into pushing the limit on how to shock people and show them that yes, Jesus loves you and yes, He came to save you from death…that’s all fine and dandy.

But, when my kids come home from church singing songs about throw up. Well, I’m about ready to draw the line. Well, that was until they FINALLY decided to sing ALL of the lyrics instead of the ones they enjoyed 🙂

Here’s what they WERE singing:

I just want to throw up
I just want to throw up
I just want to throw up

OVER and OVER and OVER again…

Want to know the real words??

I just want to throw up
I just want to throw up
I just want to throw up
my hands unto the Lord

TOO FUNNY!! So now…when they insist on singing it over and over and yes, over again…I MAKE them finish the song 🙂 OH and there are MANY verses to this song…AND they get funnier as they go on…

I just wanna hurl
I just wanna hurl
I just wanna hurl
My sins out the door!

They ALMOST remind me of Zoe‘s famous church songs.

The scary thing? I THINK they are learning this in WEE Choir and will eventually be singing this on a Wednesday night in front of church…THIS will need to be recorded.

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The things they say…sheesh

First, I want to thank all of you who so lovingly left comments wishing me well. I really appreciate your prayers. I have my first OB appointment on Monday and I’m PRAYING they’ll say I can go back to life as normal. My wonderful hubby has been picking up the slack with dishes, laundry, cooking. He truly is amazing.

We’ve been talking with our boys about names for the baby. I guess you could say we’re trying to distract them. They keep asking if the baby will be here on Saturday, or will it come today, things of that nature. Considering I’m only 6 1/2 weeks along, saying 8 more months is a bit over their heads 🙂

So anyway, names. Blake has suggested Taylor Hubbs (kid in his class) and Ryley has suggested Spark. I had to explain to him that we were having a baby, not a dog.

So it hit me this week just how insane we are. We just adopted a dog who, while very well mannered and sweet, is a puppy, and therefore is chewing EVERYTHING. We already have a 15 year old dog, who PROBABLY won’t last until the end of this pregnancy. We will also have 4 birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all rolled into two months at the end of every year from now on. Ryley my 5yo has a birthday in Dec., Blake (4) – November, my mom – Christmas Day, and Baby #3 – early/mid November…sigh…what WERE we thinking. This is the one time we have planned a child and wouldn’t you know we’d add on the extra stress ourselves.


What? Did you say we love to be busy? Yeah…I guess you’re right.

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What a day…

I think today was probably the hardest day emotionally I have EVER been through. I woke up this morning and noticed I was bleeding when I went to the bathroom. I called the OB I was planning on using and since I wasn’t yet a patient there wasn’t much he could do for me. So I called my physician and he told me to go straight to Urgent Care. I waited there for over an hour for them to tell me that I had to go to the ER because I needed an ultrasound and they didn’t have one…yeah thanks for making me wait for OVER AN HOUR! I broke down right there in the waiting room. The nurse wasn’t going to let me leave. I had to lie to her and tell her that Mike was meeting me at the ER (He wanted desperately to be there, but it’s Spring Break and he couldn’t get ahold of my mom to come watch the boys). I was the ER for FIVE HOURS and had blood tests, urine tests, ultrasounds (TWO!), and waited and waited and waited.

I don’t think I have EVER approached the throne of God the way I did today. I have in the past told God that I would have the faith of Job, but when it came right down to it…could I? Could I hold on to that faith when He let something so dear be taken from me? Yes, I decided in that ER room today that YES…if that was what it was to come to, I was willing to let go of my baby and follow God’s lead. And THAT is why I think God had me go through this alone today. I wasn’t “alone”…HE was with me. Nurse after nurse asked me, “Don’t you have someone you could call?” As much as I wanted Mike there, God needed ME alone today. And God was faithful. After a VERY long day, everything is okay. I am to take it very easy for the next few weeks. I found out that I am only 5 1/2 weeks along (not as far as I originally thought) but I’M STILL PREGNANT! And for that I give God ALL the glory!

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We have a new baby!!

NO! Not the baby you’re thinking…I think human children need more than 6 weeks to gestate…unfortunately…heh

Here’s our newest addition to our family…His name is Freddie Adu named after the famous Soccer star…He’s 7 months old and already weighs 40 pounds…

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We’ve only had him a few hours and already love him to death…

Welcome to the family Freddie!!!

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And the rains came down!

Ugh…what a rough week. We finished out our week before payday with only $2 in the bank account…seriously. To top THAT off, we were in Palm Coast this weekend when our GOOD car (my beloved PT Cruiser) decided it was time to die. We THINK it’s the transmission and Mike is at the Chrysler dealership right now working out the details with our warranty…please pray it’s covered. We use this car as our mode of transportation as well as our office, our mobile church, our taxi, and everything in between. We’re now down to our itty-bitty Corolla that has been OH SO faithful to us in the 8 years we’ve had it. Let this be my plug for Toyota! We love our Corolla!! BUT it’s a bit too small for our growing family now.

You know…I’m figuring Satan out. He’s used all of his weapons against us since planting this church…the spirit of confusion, frustration, anger, etc. He’s caused issues to arise in our worship services, through volunteers, and even through confusion in leaving things at home (home being 45 minutes away from church so we can’t just run home and get it). Through all of this we (I mean our church) have remained incredibly faithful to praying over EVERYTHING that God’s Spirit would be evident…and oh MY has it! God is doing such amazing things through this group of people already. So Satan has moved on.

I see it as he has now moved from the public attack to a much more personal attack. From hitting our finances to hitting our car that has NEVER acted up before. He’s hitting our finances because we have been faithfully tithing for a couple of years, but only this year have we been going WAY above our tithe to contribute to the capital campaign at Tomoka. He’s hit our car b/c it’s really our ONLY mode of transportation to Palm Coast. We can’t fit all four of us as well as all of our “stuff” in the Corolla.

But see here’s the thing. I have something…no someONE…greater in me. My heavenly Father who is alive and living in me by means of his Spirit is why we are being attacked. Yes, God allowed for our bank account to NOT be replenished when I prayed for a check to appear to help us out, but guess what?? He allowed the gas we had in our car to make it to church and back at least 4 times when it normally wouldn’t. I praise HIM that we didn’t have to ask for help…He provided it! We ARE borrowing my dad’s truck when we need it, but we had no money to put gas in it until yesterday. God is so amazingly good to us. And THAT is why Satan is attacking.

BUT! Satan will find here too that his schemes and deceptions don’t work. He’ll give up here as well. I just pray that we can have the patience of Job. No matter WHERE Satan attacks us, we WILL remain faithful. God is SO GOOD! We have money in the bank, the car is getting fixed and most likely won’t cost us a cent, we’re having another baby and I’m feeling great, our kids are happy…I could go on and on.

It is so important that we recognize the attacks of our enemy…it really allows us to fully rely on God and HIS army to fight the battles for us. I can’t imagine what life would be like without God on my side.