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Ramblings of my Overdriven Life…

Jackson is running a fever. Poor baby. He had his shots yesterday and was up ALL FREAKING NIGHT! I MAYBE got 2 hours TOPS…oh well…it’s not like it’s EVERY night. He’s a VERY good sleeper usually.

I’m about to take boy #2 to preschool and then swing by boy #1’s school to register boy #2 for Kindergarten. If I didn’t have the baby I’d probably be balling my eyes out today. Where did all of the time GO!?!?!?!?!?!? I’m not going to be able to handle this if the school years continue to fly by so quickly. UGH!

Boy #1 has been doing a BIT better in school lately. He’s still struggling with his behavior. I think a lot of the stress around here may be trickling down on to him and he doesn’t know how else to handle it…sigh. He’s doing GREAT academically and I’m considering having him tested for the gifted program. My only concern is that his teacher will nix it DUE to the fact he won’t stay on task. I believe he’s bored.

Boy #2 has been throwing temper tantrums lately. Who knew we’d bypass the toddler years with no problem only to have him pitch fits when he turned 5!?!?!? He’s still way too cute though. He had to have shots yesterday too. He was such a big strong boy and would NOT let the nurse see him cry. LOL. After he was done (he went first before the baby)he went and sat in a chair in the corner and teared up a bit, but he was VERY brave.

Boy #3 is growing like a weed…well, a slow growing weed I guess. They told me yesterday he’s not gaining weight fast enough. But all of my boys were that way. So I’m not really worried about it. Blake never outgrew it…Ryley did.

The man has a new job working at Lowe’s. He’s only part-time right now and he’s doing the construction stuff on the side when his boss has work for him. He’s such a hard worker and does such a good job trying to support his crazy family. Now, if we could do something about this crappy economy we’d be alright…heh

Me? I’m looking for a job still. I had to postpone an interview I had scheduled (due to afformentioned fever) for this morning. I’m meeting with a lady who would like to hire me to teach group piano lessons for preschoolers. It’s right up my alley and I really hope it is something that I can consider doing. The problem is it is 30 minutes away and I don’t know what the pay rate is yet. So pray that it will be enough to warrant me going back to work. My mil is kind enough to come up in May and stay through June to help us out so we don’t have to pay child care. This will help us catch up on bills and what not too.

Anyway…this is my crazy overdriven life. But I love it. I didn’t even mention church activities, T-ball games, spending time with my family. Oh the list goes on, but I won’t wear y’all out with it…that’s MY burden to bear 😉

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Reason #5,734 not to let your kids wear flipflops

They’ll flip them off their feet in the middle of Factory Card Outlet and you’ll have to dig it out from among 300 rolls of wrapping paper.


I would hope that God would allow my patience to grow exponentially before Ryley turns 10. Please pray with me that that would happen LOL!

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Friday Felicities

  • Going to the Post Office with three children
  • Having oldest child accuse you of child abuse by telling a woman in line that I make him throw away ALL of his baby brother’s dirty diapers…and they STINK.
  • Having middle child tell a woman that she needs a boyfriend after learning she had no brothers growing up.
  • Being able to lock baby into his seat…that way he can’t go anywhere…how I wish I could still do this with the older two.
  • Having a baby who’s still too young to speak, b/c who KNOWS what else those poor people at the Post Office would have been privy to otherwise…
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Jackson Reed!!

I don’t know if I posted his middle name earlier or not…but we had to change the spelling. Well, we didn’t HAVE to, but had the hubby and I discussed it before the day he was born we would have saved ourselves the trouble 🙂 I assumed we would spell it Reid (I WAS the one to come up with the name..heh) but I was in the shower when they came in to do his baby pictures. Because we didn’t discuss the spelling, Mike had assumed it would be spelled REED. So that’s what he told them and instead of worrying about it I just went with the alternate spelling 🙂

As for his birth story…This baby is amazing…can I just say that? He was born on November 16, 2007 at 1:49 pm. The Monday morning before he was born, I went to my final OB appt. We had been keeping a close eye on his size since my belly was HUGE and my doctor thought he was going to be a ginormous baby. My doc was ready to induce me that DAY…I however really wanted a natural experience with no drugs and since I hadn’t been having regular contractions, I wasn’t ready to do that.

He informed me that he didn’t want me going past my due date b/c of my size. So we settled on that Friday (one day past my EDD)since he would be on call. Sure enough I went in Friday morning for my induction. I arrived at 7:45, had my water broken at 9:00, they gave me a chance to go on my own for a couple of hours and after no change started the pitocin around 11am. As SOON as they started the pitocin things started moving QUICKLY. I think I was really making my nurse nervous b/c I like to rock when I’m in labor. I was standing through most of my labor rocking back and forth while Mike held me. My sister was able to be there and she said we danced all morning 🙂 I rocked until I was around 9cm and then got back in bed where things happened VERY quickly.

We started taking bets as to when he would be born…everyone but me thought it would be after 2:30…I said 1:45…he was born at 1:49 🙂 I won!! heh

Anyway, while the doctor was delivering him, Jackson’s cord RIPPED! I had never heard of this happening before. My doctor said he had seen it happen, but it had never happened to him. The cord was lightly wrapped around Jackson’s neck and was surprisingly short as well so the doc didn’t realize it when he was trying to get the cord off his neck. I’ll spare you the details here but it was rather bloody 😉

The cool part of all of this…BESIDES the fact that I was blessed with a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby for a third time…my delivery nurse’s husband is the pastor at a church our church helped get started. My mother/baby nurse was a girl I grew up with in youth group!! He had me completely and totally surrounded by amazing CHRISTIAN people and I was so blessed.

So that’s my story. Baby Jack was born a healthy (but SMALL…heh) 7lbs. 14 oz…definitely smaller than the 10 pounder we were expecting…he’s my ONLY baby that was under 8 lbs 🙂

So without further ado…another picture:

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Seasons of Change

Yes, our family is in the process of ANOTHER transition…the one that includes adding a family member. It seems like I’ve been pregnant forever. I mean, I don’t even remember my shape before I was just a massive belly…I know it wasn’t pretty, but I don’t remember really what I look like without a basketball under my shirt.

I had my FINAL OB appointment today. My doctor actually asked me if I was ready to be induced today! GULP! I really don’t want to be induced but at the same time I know that I don’t want a baby on the week of Thanksgiving either. Blake was born the day before Thanksgiving of 2002 and it was not fun to spend the holiday in the hospital. I’d much rather have him on my due date and be able to relax with family and my new baby while we stuff our faces.

So, I scheduled an induction with the hospital and my doctor for Friday morning at 8am. We’re going to have a baby before this weekend!

Please pray though that I will go naturally before then. I am still planning on going drug free and don’t want to be tempted by the intense pain brought on by the harder contractions that come with inductions.

I also found out today that we won’t owe the doctor or the hospital ANYTHING after insurance PRAISE GOD! It seems that we’ve been hit HARD in the wallet left and right for the past few months and it’s just getting harder and harder to stay afloat…I feel like God is giving us a bit of a break right now with this news. All we’ll have to pay is $260 to have his little man procedure done 🙂

So, I’m hoping to blog a bit more this week as the time approaches. I’ll also be sure to let all of my friends know once he’s here and have Mike post some pictures. I just have to teach him how to post pics and use my blog first…heh.

If I don’t get back here before this baby’s born then I’ll be sure to post as soon as I get home to let you know that Jackson Reid has arrived!!

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

And bring in some cooler fall temps while you’re at it!! 🙂 I can almost FEEL the weather getting a *teensy bit* cooler but the humidity is still there due to all of this yucky rain.

I did get to enjoy an hour or so of complete silence this morning as I sipped my coffee and read up on Exodus for my Bible Study tonight…I revel in days that I can do that lately. I know that these moments will VERY soon be over and I need to enjoy the silence for as long as possible.

Here it is 10 minutes til 3:00 and I’m blogging away while my houligan children are lying in their beds with a mandatory rest time due to their incessant need to drive me batty.

Why do I smell fire??

Pshew…okay I’m back…Blake turned the heater on on the fan in our room…sigh…I’d better go…

So here’s to a sunny day tomorrow!

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The days drag on…

I haven’t done an update in a while on my preggo self…okay…I’m not sure I’ve done one here at ALL…heh

I am 31 weeks today which means I am equal in size to a tour bus…at least that’s according to my good friend Dana. Love you too 🙂 I have a completely round and somewhat cute baby belly. However, the cuteness stops there…

You see, being in the third trimester in AUGUST (yes, I know it’s September already but I was in my third trimester in August…and it makes it more dramatic…so sue me) in FLORIDA is just plain miserable…ugh. It’s hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. I can no longer sleep a full night. I’m either up popping Tums for the heartburn or up b/c my bladder is about to explode (love my imagery don’t you?). My hips hurt, my back hurts, my belly contracts in a moment’s notice (don’t freak…just braxton hicks)…I’m tired.

I seriously could sleep for 3-6 months straight..heh

But…I’m about to have a BABY!!! Another little bundle that doesn’t talk back (yet) doesn’t scream as he runs through the house (yet) doesn’t punch and pick at his brothers (yet)…sigh…this is the life…at least for the next 6 months and then he’ll start to show himself…heh…

It’s hard for me to even fathom life with three little boys in the house. Ryley was only a single child for 11 1/2 months so I BARELY remember that. It’s been Ryley and Blake for almost 5 years now…it’s kind of hard to grasp the idea of there being THREE of them. THREE!!!!!!!!! What have I gotten myself into?? HELP!!!!!