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February Fun!!!!

Valentine Heart

February is HERE!!!  A week or two ago, I outlined the challenge for February. This week (starting Sunday…it’s just easier in my head…LOL), our challenge is to do a project with single crochets only.

Whether you are a seasoned hooker (wink wink) or are new to crocheting, this can still be seen as a challenge.  Here is why:

Pick a project you’ve seen, but always shied away from.  I will be posting some sample projects on our Pinterest board for February.

Use this opportunity to freshen up and sharpen your skills.  If you know how to crochet, the chances of you knowing how to do a single crochet are pretty good considering its one of the most basic stitches.  Sometimes we get away from the basics though and start flying through our projects, not spending time on making the foundation look its best.  Take this week to practice this simplest of stitches to keep each stitch even.

Amigurami characters are often nothing but single crochet stitches.  Its a fun and fresh way to use this simple stitch to create some amazing projects.

I will be posting fun, simple, single crochet projects throughout the week!  Be watching the blog and follow along on Pinterest, Facebook, and Ravelry!