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Busy, Busy Weekend

Okay so I was reading over my bloglines list and realized…ya know, I should probably do my own post…I realize no one is really reading my posts as of yet…too new of a blog I guess…Besides, it’s my own fault…I keep jumping from blog to blog. I’m going to stick with this one…I promise…don’t believe me…fine, I’ll see you at my next blog stop 🙂

This weekend was busy, busy, busy. We’re still unpacking boxes from our move. Friday I had big plans for hanging crown moulding in our living room. Um, yeah…that didn’t happen. Instead we got about 10 boxes unpacked and got the yard cleaned up…okay the Hubster did the yard…I did plant some bulbs though…Hopefully not upside down this time 🙂

I was on worship team this weekend so I was at church for what felt like ALL weekend…BUT as usual the set was awesome this week so I of course didn’t mind. I don’t think I’ve said just how excited I am to belong to a church that is so free in it’s worship. Our pastor and his wife are in China for the next two weeks picking up their little girl. They’ve been in this process of adoption for about a year and a half. I KNOW that they’re so excited and nervous all at the same time. It really was a God-thing though, this whole adoption thing for them.

Speaking of China…I think my ds4 has a longing to DIG his way there. He has a spot in the back yard where he likes to play with his trucks and trains and dig in the dirt. Now before I go getting all sorts of hate mail…DH has THOROUGHLY dug through this dirt already looking for glass, nails, ants, and anything else that could hurt our son…While we were working in the yard yesterday I realize that my son is more like a dog. We made him pick his toys up from that area b/c dh was getting ready to mow the grass…He kept digging around in the dirt.

“Ryley why are you digging in the dirt? I asked you to pick up your toys.”

“Mommy, I’m looking for the toys I buried.”


This kid has a future ahead of him. My dad swears he’ll either be a preacher or a lawyer because he can talk his way out of any situation. BUT he loves to build things so I look forward to seeing where God leads him. : )

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My Personality Test

I remember taking these tests in college. If you would like to take this test you can find it here

Here was my results:

Main type

<a href="Take Free Enneagram Personality Test
<a href="personality tests by

All of this means this:

ESFJ – “Seller”. Most sociable of all types. Nurturer of harmony. Outstanding host or hostesses. 12.3% of total population.

<a href="Take Free Jung Personality Test
<a href="personality tests by

Take the test and leave a comment and let me know how it turned out for you…

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As I was leaving my house this morning I couldn’t help but notice that my Crepe Myrtles are starting to bud!! Yippee…we’ve been in our house for 3 weeks now and we’ve been looking at these trees since December anxious to see what they will look like in full bloom.

Today is GORGEOUS!!! It’s in the high 70’s here and the ocean breeze is a blowing. I made sure to leave my windows open when I left this morning. I told my mom who is watching my kids for me this week that if it got too warm she could turn the A/C on…but it’s TOO gorgeous outside that I don’t see this happening 🙂

Yesterday the temp got a BIT too high for my taste in the spring…it was almost 88*!! Today is much more springy and beautiful…Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain 😦 BUT that’s alright, because God will use that to help my Crepe Myrtles bud and blossom!!

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Surprise in my Inbox!

Today I returned from my late lunch break at work to find these pictures sent to me by my sister who met up with my mom and the boys at McDonald’s…Nice to know they’re all having fun while I have to work!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

My sister works with me and she was able to get off early today. So instead of going home and taking a nap like I probably would’ve done if I were her, she met up with my cute chillins and helped my mom sugar them up with ice cream…I’m sure I’ll appreciate their efforts one day, just not tonight at bedtime I bet…

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A 4 year old’ thoughts on God…

My 4yo little boy has been very inquisitive about God lately. Last week we had a conversation that went something like this:

4yo: Mommy can I pray to God?
Me: Of course you can. You can pray to God whenever you want.
4yo: Dear God…thank you for my mommy, thank you for my car, thank you for the train tracks that let the train go past…

He went on and on praying for everything we passed while we were in the car. Just a good reminder for how it doesn’t matter what it is we need to thank God for the little things.

Then yesterday my dh tells me that he had this conversation with the 4yo:

4yo: Daddy how does God turn off the lights?
DH: What lights?
4yo: The sun. Does God have a lightswitch?

If only things were so black and white in our world. Life would be SO much easier…