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Friday Felicities

* Diet Coke in the can straight from the fridge (No FF would be complete without mentioning it)
* Sipping said Diet Coke with the windows open.
* Spending my Quiet Time with God with my windows open.
* Cleaning house while the windows are open (it’s the BEST way to motivate myself to clean).
* Having hubby home today so he can reach the window over the sink.
Posted in Friday Felicities
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* A hardworking husband who loves me
* Friends who love me despite my flaws
* Diet Coke
* Crunchy ice
* A God who never seems to stop blessing me
* A full night’s sleep!!! (hey…it has been almost 3 weeks since I’ve experienced that!)
* Whites fresh out of the dryer
* my boys who CONSTANTLY make me laugh..or scream…or both 🙂