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Are you dragging??

Heh…this was a question posed to me yesterday. Let me explain…

Our company participates in the Heart Walk every year to raise money for heart disease and stroke every year. Our team name??? Oh…funny you should ask…Rassisdraggin…yeah, I didn’t get it at first either, but if you pronounce the first letter as “R” as in Ourassisdraggin…yea, well, it makes a bit more sense…heh…

Well, me being the good little girl I am, decides to email our team leader and let her know I didn’t feel it was very appropriate…Well, I guess I’m the only one on my team who feels it is. Including her manager and our marketing director…go figure. So I make my arguement…there will be newspapers, news agencies, and everyone else there. Our company’s name is going to be plastered everywhere and I don’t feel the uppermanagement would appreciate a name like this representing our company. ALSO, I know that there will be families there who have LOST family members to heart disease/stroke who would not appreciate that. My dad has had a stroke AND a heart attack.

I totally made my stand. I will not walk unless the name is changed. I said I would join another team, but I would not walk with a name like that tied to me.

It’s hard to be the odd one out. I find the name funny really, but not for this. Maybe if you wanted it to be the name of your bowling team or HEY even name your proctology walk team…heh, THAT would be funny…

Am I being oversensitive?? Would you all have done the same thing or would you have gone along and done it anyway?? The leader of this group knows me better than ANYONE and yet she doesn’t get why I’m upset about this…

UPDATE:::My voice was heard…they decided to change the name πŸ™‚ I’d still like to hear what you all think though πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Are you dragging??

  1. I think I would have done what you did…I hope I would. I can understand how difficult it is to be the one dissenting voice, but I am SO proud of you for doing it!

  2. You would think with the media presence your company would want to portray a more positive image. Oversensitive; no. I understand the need or want of a catchy name but something more positve to the cause should be considered and your values are important. What is the new name?

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