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Memorial Weekend

Why is it I always seem to blog right after the weekend? Today it would be Tuesday because I had yesterday off and it was spent in MUCH better company than my office can provide. Just to let you all know…I got an answer as to the question my last blog posted…heehee..can’t share…not yet anyway 🙂

It really just amazes me how God works in the details. So many people want to see Him work in huge ways…myself included, but you know what they say about hindsight…It is truly EXCITING to see the details that God just grabs up in His hands and really just works out in ways I NEVER thought possible…

I got an email from my realtor today that said that the house down the street from us sold for almost $30,000 more than what we paid for our house…it too is a 2br/2ba…THAT made me excited.

I hate red sand…I was still picking it out of Blake’s hair this morning…sigh…

BUT I LOVED our time at the beach yesterday…what FUN!!! We hung out at the beach for a few hours and I was the ONLY one in my family who got fried…good thing, I always feel WAY guilty if the boys get burnt…

After the beach, we went to some wonderful new friends’ house for a cookout and the food and caviar was delish!! Dana…my dh still wants that recipe!! heehee…Mike ate almost the WHOLE bowl of Texas Caviar!! It was yummy!!

So here I am back at work…my skin is turning a nice shade of brown to reflect the time spent out in the sun yesterday…My heart is happy…my eyes droopy because I am OH SOOOOO tired…

I thank God for the details He worked out to get us to where we are RIGHT NOW! And to see where we are headed??? WAY too exciting to put in to words. Scary as you know where, but exciting none the less…

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Oasis or Promised Land?

I have been feeling lately like something big is on the horizon. Will it include me quitting my job to take on more responsibilities elsewhere? Will it include me jumping out of my comfort zone once again? I almost feel like God has seen us be faithful in making MAJOR moves out of our comfort zone that he wants to test us further. “Well, they listened there, let’s see if they’ll still listen if I throw this at them?” I do believe that as you get closer to God, the challenges get tougher and tougher, but the blessings are SO MUCH MORE!

I was sitting in church last night listening to our pastor preach. He spoke of being bewitched. Yes, I said bewitched. He talked about how churches argue of the DUMBEST things and really just lose the focus of what Christ is all about and what our job as the church really is. We often find churches holding elders meetings that last HOURS to discuss the renovation of the bathroom. He discussed an elders meeting he attended where they complained because someone moved the communion table. He then asked the elder to show him in the Bible where it says for the communion table to be placed…hmm…can’t find it? Guess it doesn’t matter…

We often get tied up on the fact that, well, my great-great-grandfather’s uncle’s mom died and that communion table was donated in her name, so it needs to be in front of the sanctuary. Sigh…some churches believe that the communion table, pulpit, and deacon chairs need to form a cross otherwise it’s not church. Does that mean that Christians who meet in underground churches in China to worship God in a country where He’s forbidden, AREN’T a CHURCH!?!?!?

C’mon people.

Legalism, denominationalism, whatever you want to call it. WHO CARES!?!?!? Not God. God wants our hearts not our possessions, not our pews, not our communion tables…He wants to commune with US!! He doesn’t care how that comes about.

I personally LOVE communion. It is one of my FAVORITE times during a worship service. Last night we had it really early on in the service, next weekend it will be very different. Our church focuses on keeping it new and interesting so we don’t lose the meaning in forming a habit. They showed clips of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. CS Lewis meant for this book to be read to children and for them to come to a knowledge of Jesus without realizing it. How simple.

Sorry, got off topic…the reason for my posting…

We have dealt with many churches as was discribed above. Some so traditional that they didn’t sing Awesome God. Some so contemporary you didn’t know ANY songs, some who just plain HATED contemporary music and really just hated church all around, but came because it’s what you do on Sunday morning…sigh…After the latter church my husband and I pretty much swore off paid ministry. We were burnt out. Then God brought us to the church we’re at now. We’re not on the paid ministry. We just minister on a volunteer basis. Is this our oasis? Or is this our promised land.

Is this where God has brought us to fill us and teach us and motivate us to minister again? I have never felt more nourished by a church as I have from here. At this point, I couldn’t imagine leaving it or going anywhere else. This is why I hope this church is our Promised Land. Can we just stay here and do what we’re doing? Don’t know. I never claim to know God’s thinking. I just know that when He calls us we’ll be here.

My husband has been offered a couple of different ministries since we moved back here from some pretty nice churches, but we’re not ready. We’re not filled. We just keep soaking it in waiting for God’s answer as to whether this is our Oasis or our promised land…

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Kids Say the Darndest Things Part I

Kids Say the Darndest Things Part I (Cause I KNOW there will be more)

About a year and a half ago my hubby and I decided that it would no longer work for me to be home with our kids and that it was time for me to go back to work. The boys were placed in a day care which was so wonderful I can’t BEGIN to tell you how much we and they loved it there. One day after they had been going to this day care for about a month, my oldest son came home and said the “F” word…I GASPED…WHA????? What did HE JUST SAY!?!?!?!?!? You see my husband was a youth minister at the time and all I could think of was that my darling little boy who was only 3 at the time would eventually be using this word all the time, because that is how he uses his words…he learns a new one and makes sure EVERYONE knows the new word!

I was fit to be tied…In the two minutes that followed this incident, I had decided that yes we should wash out his mouth, we should DEFINITELY tell him NOT to EVER say that word again, I was quitting my job to return home, I was going to call the director the next day and SOMEONE was going to get fired…sigh…yes, I may have overreacted…but just a little ; )

My hubby calmed me down and convinced me to call the next morning…(BTW…he handled all discipline in this matter so that my shock and awe didn’t scar him for life). So I call the director at the day care who is a lovely Christian woman. I tell her what happened and the word that so EASILY came out of my son’s mouth. She laughed…What? you ask? YES! SHE LAUGHED! Ooh that fired me up! I asked her what was so funny…then she gives me an explanation…

“You see, we had a mom come in yesterday all flustered because she was so embarrassed over the fact that she and her husband had created a monster. You see, they taught him how to sing the Funky Chicken but he couldn’t pronounce it right. Once they figured out what word he was saying, they tried to get him to STOP singing the song”, but as anyone with kids knows, once you teach them a song, they sing it over and over and over…SOOOO…this kid had taught every kid in his class the Funky Chicken… The clincher was that I was the third mom to call her that morning!