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One redeeming quality…

Last year we bought a dog. Yes, I gushed all the way through that post about how cute he was and how special he was. Now…the dog and I aren’t the best of friends…heh

He chews everything. Digs up our yard. Gets too rough (in MY opinion) with the boys (although they love it).

But last Saturday he may have redeemed himself. Well, a little bit anyway.

The boys came running in the house from the backyard yelling “Freddy caught a rat!!” Thank the LORD Mike was home. We went out back and Freddy didn’t have a rat in his mouth, but he was rooting in the grass trying to get SOMETHING.

Sure enough he pulls a MOLE OUT OF THE GROUND!! So, Mike then jumps into action and gets a shovel and tries to get the mole out of Freddy’s mouth. He eventually drops it and Mike takes care of the problem.

After talking to our neighbor we find that he put mole away in his yard. Great. Well, at least we have our own Mole Catcher now. 🙂

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Ramblings of my Overdriven Life…

Jackson is running a fever. Poor baby. He had his shots yesterday and was up ALL FREAKING NIGHT! I MAYBE got 2 hours TOPS…oh well…it’s not like it’s EVERY night. He’s a VERY good sleeper usually.

I’m about to take boy #2 to preschool and then swing by boy #1’s school to register boy #2 for Kindergarten. If I didn’t have the baby I’d probably be balling my eyes out today. Where did all of the time GO!?!?!?!?!?!? I’m not going to be able to handle this if the school years continue to fly by so quickly. UGH!

Boy #1 has been doing a BIT better in school lately. He’s still struggling with his behavior. I think a lot of the stress around here may be trickling down on to him and he doesn’t know how else to handle it…sigh. He’s doing GREAT academically and I’m considering having him tested for the gifted program. My only concern is that his teacher will nix it DUE to the fact he won’t stay on task. I believe he’s bored.

Boy #2 has been throwing temper tantrums lately. Who knew we’d bypass the toddler years with no problem only to have him pitch fits when he turned 5!?!?!? He’s still way too cute though. He had to have shots yesterday too. He was such a big strong boy and would NOT let the nurse see him cry. LOL. After he was done (he went first before the baby)he went and sat in a chair in the corner and teared up a bit, but he was VERY brave.

Boy #3 is growing like a weed…well, a slow growing weed I guess. They told me yesterday he’s not gaining weight fast enough. But all of my boys were that way. So I’m not really worried about it. Blake never outgrew it…Ryley did.

The man has a new job working at Lowe’s. He’s only part-time right now and he’s doing the construction stuff on the side when his boss has work for him. He’s such a hard worker and does such a good job trying to support his crazy family. Now, if we could do something about this crappy economy we’d be alright…heh

Me? I’m looking for a job still. I had to postpone an interview I had scheduled (due to afformentioned fever) for this morning. I’m meeting with a lady who would like to hire me to teach group piano lessons for preschoolers. It’s right up my alley and I really hope it is something that I can consider doing. The problem is it is 30 minutes away and I don’t know what the pay rate is yet. So pray that it will be enough to warrant me going back to work. My mil is kind enough to come up in May and stay through June to help us out so we don’t have to pay child care. This will help us catch up on bills and what not too.

Anyway…this is my crazy overdriven life. But I love it. I didn’t even mention church activities, T-ball games, spending time with my family. Oh the list goes on, but I won’t wear y’all out with it…that’s MY burden to bear 😉

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I’m HERE!!

OMIGOSH! Can you BELIEVE it!?!?!?!?!?

It’s my THIRD DAY of posting in a FOUR day period! I must be improving 😛

Mike is working all morning and then coming home to sleep b/c he’s got to do some tile work tonight at Bubba Gump’s. I’m PRAYING he’ll get to bring me home some coconut shrimp!! YUMMO! He’ll be there from 1am til around 5am and then he’ll go straight to Lowe’s to work until 10am. Then he’ll probably come home and crash…good luck with three kids in the house. LOL

Things are good here. Really, really good. I’ve decided that I will NOT be looking at my bank page every morning like I have been for the past month. I refuse to. God is bigger than my bank statement.

Today I plan on getting Jackson down for a nap (he’s usually asleep by now but is fighting tooth and nail) so I can run on the treadmill while I listen to some Francis Chan. My friends and I are doing a study on the Holy Spirit based around a sermon series he did last year. I’m too lazy to link it right now, but I WILL. It has been incredibly eye opening and I DO believe that God has me listening to this RIGHT NOW for a very specific purpose. I do not rely fully enough on Him. I am changing that. I have to.

Love you all. Have a wonderful and productive day!!!!!!!

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What does Faith look like?

Wow. I just sat through a worship service alone. Not a single person around me. I sat with some of the worship team before the service, but then they moved up to the stage and left me alone.

I think it may have been ordained by God that Mike worked with the kids tonight, Jackson went silently into the nursery, and that not a SOUL sat behind me. At least, I don’t THINK anyone slid in behind me. If they did, I didn’t notice.

Tonight…it was me and God. I couldn’t ask for a better worship time then to be able to tune OUT all of the distractions around me and to focus on HIM.

Want to know the theme for this series…Weathering the Storm…yup…

I’ve had a TERRIBLE stomach ache all day today and contemplated staying home tonight. I now fully believe that it was because SOMEONE didn’t want me to hear the message tonight. SOMEONE doesn’t want me to live by faith. SOMEONE likes this storm I’m in and doesn’t want me to look to God for answers. I went. I cried. I bawled.

Sometimes faith is so preety. Nicely bound in a pretty bow. Easy to grasp. Easy to understand.

Then there’s the flipside. More OFTEN faith is dirty and messy. It’s through those times that if your KNEES aren’t dirty than you’re not truly living on faith. The storms we face can be just downright SCARY. I know the one we’re facing is. But God is the author of this storm. He’s stripping away the dirt and the grime and the filth that has accumulated on our souls and is cleaning us to a bright shiney new us.

When Jesus was in a boat with his disciples they feared for their lives one night during a terrible storm. They thought it was the end. They asked Jesus, “Teacher…aren’t you going to SAVE US?” Jesus replied, “Why are you scared? Where is your faith?”

I often ask God…WHY???????????????????? Why am I going through this? Why does my husband have to feel like he’s failing? Why do I have to go back to work? Why can’t you give us a break?

His reply: Why are you scared? Where is your faith?

Sometimes faith looks like a lone girl on the front row with her hands held high and not a cent to her name.

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A Life Renewed

Back in January…wow…that would be 4 months ago already…yeesh…I had a theme for my new year. My theme: Renewal.

Over the last 2 months I’ve begun to question why God would have me choose a theme of renewal when things were still going OH SO VERY wrong. I realized this weekend that He had me choose this theme to PREPARE MY HEART for the renewal HE was placing in my heart and in our family.

Last year was hard. But last year was also incredibly amazing. We started a church and we still love every person there. We found out that I was pregnant and God allowed for ANOTHER amazing pregnancy for me. I had another beautiful little boy who continues to make me love him every day. Our marriage grew stronger. Ryley started Kindergarten. Oh the list could go on. And sometimes I need it to go on. I need the reminder of JUST HOW BLESSED I AM.

When I felt God lay the theme of renewal on my heart I thought that meant He would make things all better. That the hard times would be left to 2007. Oooh boy. Was I wrong.

Instead I feel that God is CONTINUING to strip away the old me. I hadn’t been stripped enough. I’m like Shrek…an onion with many layers. I am stinky and smelly and need those layers scrubbed away. My prayers have gone from “Oh Lord please provide.” to “Oh Lord, show me what you want from me.”

God has not been quiet through all of this. As a matter of fact there have been times that I KNOW He’s been shouting it out loud and I have been too caught up in my own worries to really listen to what He’s trying to tell me. After all, didn’t *I* pray for this. Back when things were going well…didn’t I pray to have the faith of Job? Why would I not expect God to say, “Ok…you asked for it…I’m going to build you up.” So should I be surprised that my prayers have turned to, “Ok God…thank you. I appreciate your tests, but that’s enough. I’m beginning to understand. Now. Can you give me all that ‘stuff’ back?”

Seems kind of ridiculous when I type it out like that.

The truth is…I cannot be renewed until the garbage is gone. God didn’t abandon me when life got tough. He’s holding my head up while I walk through the muck. I can yell and scream and throw all the tantrums I want, but that doesn’t change that God is working. I may not be able to see HOW just yet, but he’s working. And as always, he’s going to come through when I LEAST expect it and in a way I never planned. B/c THAT is how my God shows me His glory and His grace.

I was talking to a friend this weekend and I was telling her about how I used to ask Jesus to wait for his return until I got married. Then after I got married I asked for him to wait until I had kids. Then after having kids it all changed. Now I’m praying COME JESUS COME while throwing in there, “I’d prefer before they’re teenagers!!”

It’s not about me and what I want. It’s about God’s timing. Just like in my scrubbing away. As much as I want the bills to be paid, money in the bank (just a little Lord), and gas in our cars…it’s not going to happen in my time. I need to get out of the way and let the Lord work. Get my oniony-stank self OUT.OF.THE.WAY. And let God do what HE does best.