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Crafty Resolutions

Every year we make resolutions.  There’s a good chance you’ve made some and have already broken them. Am I right?

Normally its because we don’t have people walking beside us, encouraging us, holding us accountable…

So, why not do some resolutions that you can enjoy?  That you don’t lose sight of, because they are stretching your creativity?

The Hook Up Facebook page is a fun place where you can find that encouragement and camaraderie.  We are doing a 2012 Crafty Resolution Challenge.  The rules are simple…you do a new project or try a new stitch every week.  Some are finishing projects they’ve been working on for years.  Others are just learning new stitches.  Others don’t crochet at all, but are finding ways to stretch their creativity.

What’s your crafty resolution?  What are you starting/finishing this weekend??

Maybe you’re looking for a new stitch to try…my first week was spent learning the tunisian crochet method and creating a tie for my cousin…

To find out more about tunisian crochet stitch, Amazon has an eBook that is free today only!!


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