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New Year…New…Me?

HAHAHAHAHA!!! This title totally cracks me up…why, you ask? Because I KNOW me. Several of you who truly know me will soon be laughing once you read what this post is REALLY about.

But guess what?

I’m getting organized. Alright, alright…stop laughing. Seriously truly I am. I’m tired of living my life scrambling around trying to get things done. It’s not conducive for happy kids, for a happy hubby, and especially for a happy ME. I don’t like that I procrastinate. Really, I don’t. Yes, I have totally procrastinated HERE and I plan on changing that as well!

First I’ll give you an update on my crazy life…Jackson was born! Haha! He’ll be 8 weeks old this Friday! He’s growing like a weed and as soon as I’m done with THIS post I promise to do a post dedicated to his birth story. I promise…it is a really good story and one of which you will totally see how God held my hand…


Back to the organizational stuff…

I am planning on doing something organizational HERE on my blog once a week. My friend Dana is doing a special blog each week devoted to this:

1. How do you want to feel this week? What is one action you can take?

I want to feel satisfied. Satisfied with myself that I accomplished at least SOME of my goals. What action? Just do it. I like to OVER plan sometimes, almost to a fault…I have to stop that.

2. Identify one time waster you can decrease.

Heh…definitely the computer.

3. You are enough. Write down 5 accomplishments from today.

Well, I haven’t really done MUCH today…BUT here’s my goals:
a) Do my daily chores

b) Clean the office

c) Clean the boys’ bathroom

d) Clean MY bathroom

e) Vaccuum the entire house

4. Calm yourself down with deep breathing during stressful situations.

I’ll remember that…thanks…heh

5. Make a list of things you would like to finish up from last year.

Organize the laundry room
tile the kitchen
organize the boys room
get bookshelves for the boys room
organize art supplies in the dining room

6. Do one task that has been on your to do list since 2007

I’m hoping THIS WEEK to get the boys room completely DONE! Well, minus the detail painting…we’re going to paint some coral and a shark on their wall…and I still need to get my sis’ surfboard from her…we’re going to hang that on their wall…OH and I still need to buy them new bedding, but that will have to wait.

7. Do something you are passionate about

I haven’t played the piano in AGES…I’m going to be sure to do that this week.

So that’s it…not too bad, right?

I’ve also decided that I have to set goals for myself. Having a new baby that is constantly eating and needing me, I can’t possibly get it ALL done and be the mom that I need to be to my children. SO…I have set goals that I expect of myself and what gets done, gets done. Besides the daily chores, whatever I DO get done is more than I was getting done before…right?

So here’s to a new year and a new ME! MUAH!!


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