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The Holidays are quickly approaching…ACK!!!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m already feeling stressed about the holiday season this year. Sheesh. I’ve tried to get organized, but my life is just way to hectic and well, with this baby belly hanging in front of me…it’s just plain hard to get motivated.

It’s September already. Stores are already stocking shelves full of candy for Halloween, we have birthdays GALORE, a new baby, Thanksgiving, more birthdays and finally Christmas. Every year as I rush around the week before Christmas finishing up my shopping, I make myself promise that I will NEVER do that again…yet, I continually find myself doing it year after year after year.

I finally decided that with the new baby coming I was just going to get family portraits taken and be done with it. Everyone who knows us will be receiving a framed picture of US. Who would want anything else? Heehee…I kid. However, I really don’t like getting something so generic for people. It’s not about what I get people, or how much I spend, but the thought that I put into each gift.

Well, now I can do that without stressing over my budget. Coupon Chief allows you to do someonline shopping and save money all at the same time. You can make a wishlist for each of your loved ones and decide what you would buy for them and then browse through the different stores that are represented on their site to find the perfect gift. You can buy CD’s using Best Buy coupons or check out Leaps and Bounds deals on educational toys.

Now, don’t go telling all of my family that I’m buying with coupons…they just better be happy their not getting my picture for Christmas 🙂


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