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Check THIS out!

How perfect will this be for me this year? As you all know, my baby is due November 15th. Which will make it VERY difficult to enjoy Black Friday as I usually do. That is, until now!!! Now, there is a website that I can shop Black Friday sales from my computer while I sit and hold my newborn….I AM SO GIDDY RIGHT NOW! also has a place where you can enter your email and they will email you the latest sale items that have been added to this year’s list. If you are familiar with how Black Friday works, then you know you can’t find out the sale items and prices until you get the newspaper on Thanksgiving morning. This site allows you to shop BEFORE hand and even order online so you can miss out on standing in the long lines.

Last year I spent Black Friday racing from store to store only to stand in mile long lines. No more. This year I can shop all of the Toys R Us deals right from my living room. No more having to wake up at 4am just to make it to the stores in time to TRY to catch the deals. No more having to fight over the last toy that my kids have been dying for. How cool is THAT!?!?!?


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