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Disciple: Week 1: Authority

I have joined a new Bible Study at church called Disciple. This is an in depth study of Scripture that last 32 weeks and involves reading up to 75% of the Bible. Pretty cool if you think about it. Anyway, I want to start posting what sticks out to me here on my blog so I can get my thoughts down on paper as well as rabbit trail if I need to…heh

There is an assignment for 6 days of the week and you rest on the 7th…kinda like God did 🙂 I will post the day and the assignment as well as my thoughts so that if anyone wants to follow along, they may. 🙂

Without further ado……..Disciple….

Day 1: One Bible: Many Books
Assignment: Write your first impressions

My first impression of my Bible today was the weight and size. Have you ever heard the quote “God is in the details?” Looking through Scripture I hold this to be true. Seeing the names of the books representing some of the writers of Scripture, along with pictures of the tabernacle and then Solomon’s temple, you can’t help but marvel at the details. Seeing books like Numbers in which the census was taken of Israel. All of this was important to God. So why do I bypass so much of it?

I’ve often heard the Old Testament referred to as the window to the New Testament. What a true statement. Without the ability to see the laws of the OT, I feel like we’d become complacent with our Savior. We’d never understand the redemption, the gift that He has given us. The OT is so vast, full of bloody battles, talking bushes, talking DONKEYS, etc. But how blessed are we that we fall under God’s grace? We don’t need to hear His voice from a bush that’s on fire. We have His Word to hold in our hands no matter how bulky or thin your Bible may be.


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