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Fun Times!

This weekend was a total FUN TIME!! 🙂 Yes, it’s Thursday night and I’m just now getting around to blogging about it, but I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my weekend…

I’ve told you all before just how wonderful my husband is, but in the 8 years we’ve been married, I seriously love him more and more every day…

My weekend started off with a sonogram Friday afternoon that revealed we are having ANOTHER BOY! Yes, that means a husband, 3 boys, and 2 male dogs in the house with lit’l ol me 🙂 Heh… The funny thing is, I’ve had a couple people actually express condolences that I didn’t get my girl…I am really not sad AT ALL…I spent Thursday of last week walking through the baby aisles at Target and after looking at all of the pink realized I would have NO CLUE how to take care of a girl. I love my boys and I am thrilled to add another to the team…heh

After that it was Birthday Celebration weekend. Being our first weekend NOT at Palm Coast we really just wanted to keep busy and not think about it. SO, my birthday was a great excuse to do just that. We spent Saturday hanging around the house not doing much at all, but Sunday we skipped church (gasp) and spent the day shopping (mostly window). We went to lunch just the four of us, bought me a hammock (JOY), ate ice cream, went to eat with the entire family AND friends who were visiting from KY.

It truly was a time that we were able to focus on our family. Something we haven’t really been able to do in quite a while. The time I’ve had with my boys and with my hubby in the evening has been trully special and I’m thankful that God is granting us healing already.


3 thoughts on “Fun Times!

  1. You are so awesome. I hope you know that. =) Can you keep a secret? (As I post it on the internet for all to see?) Justin and I were actually a little sad that this baby was a girl….it scares the poo out of me to think that one day I will be the mom of a TEENAGE GIRL. AHHHHH! I’d rather have a football team full of boys. BUT… thank God she’s healthy and so am I so far and I’m rejoicing for that! =) Me and my Dr. Dobson parenting books are gonna be good friends over the years, that’s fo sure! Love you!! Glad you had a wonderful birthday and Mike is such a darling! 😉

  2. Congrats Steph! We found out Monday that we are adding another baby girl to our family! We are very excited, and the boys have pointed out now there will be even teams! I think it’s great b/c every little (& big) girl needs a sister. I hope all is well. Email me and keep me posted about how everything is going! Talk to you soon.

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