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Oh Blogger Where Art Thou???…I have been trying for the past WEEK (okay 2 days) to post something on Blogger…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a nice witty post about good ‘ol Ernesto…gone…THEN, I write a nice witty post about how blogger stole my nice witty Ernesto post….GONE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know that if you right click on blogger in the create post editing box that it will knock you off the internet right on your bootie?? Yep…that’s what it does…so I wouldn’t suggest EVER trying to cut and paste anything…or trying to paste a picture of the said tropical storm that is headed our direction…nope…blogger doesn’t like that…ugh…

So on to other news…

Ryley started school yesterday. Sniff…sniff…okay…it was Pre-K, but give me a break. He’s my oldest.

He also had a soccer game last night…which he WON!!! He even kicked in a goal! His team won 2-0! Go Peewee league!!!!

You know, a good blogging mommy would post pictures right now of his first day of school with his big boy backpack and his Thomas the Tank Engine lunchbox (it’s retro y’all…remember the metal lunchboxes…yup that’s what he’s got)…And you’d think she would throw out a picture of his winning goal in the game last night…AND you think I would probably put up a really cool picture of Ernesto or something flying in the wind…well, I would have liked to, BUT…we’ll just blame blogger for THAT too!!!


One thought on “Oh Blogger Where Art Thou???

  1. Hi! Just visiting some of the blogs on my sidebar that I have never stopped by before!It was fun to “meet” you and read a bit of your posts!I have two girls- 4 and 7. My life can be in overdrive a bit, too! (But this week we are having a rare calm period right before homeschooling resumes!)Both my girls went to preschool, however, so I think I know you feel about your son starting pre-k!Stop by anytime!~Tammy

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