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How Incredibly Pitiful

This upset me when I read it yesterday. I feel sorry for the mom, for the nanny, and MOSTLY for the kids…sigh…

I am not perfect…I am DEFINITELY not a perfect mom. BUT I can tell you my favorite moments in life:

~the moment I found out I was pregnant with my first baby.
~the day I found out I was having a little boy.
~the first time I felt him kick.
~the first time I got to see his face.
~the moment that I accepted that it was God’s will that I had babies back to back
~the moment I found out I was having ANOTHER boy
~the first time I got to meet HIM face to face.
~the first time Ryley got to meet his little brother.
~watching my children grow
~hearing their first babbles turn into words, then into sentences, then into I Love you Mommy’s
~Sitting around the dinner table hearing them tell me how the other had to sit in time out at the sitters.
~Listening to their giggles every time the other one belches…ugh
~Watching my oldest assemble train tracks like a professional
~Watching him hit his little brother only to turn around and tell him he’s sorry before he gets in trouble.
~Listening to the two of them go back and forth with knock knock jokes.
~Listening to the belly laughs that aforementioned knock knock jokes ensue.
~The feels of a hug
~the comfort I feel from these hugs
~The safety and love I feel from these hugs
~The snuggle fests on the couch whether we’re reading a book or watching a movie.

Oh I could go on and on…I was bored before I had children. I didn’t know it. But I was. I was missing out on one of the most blessed, most challenging, and most forgiving jobs that God ever created.

My heart aches for the children of a woman who considers them boring. I can be mad at her, sad for her kids, but she won’t care. I could write a letter. She’d smile because she ruffled feathers that she meant to ruffle.

I’m not a perfect mom. But I am a mom. And for that I consider myself content.


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