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Ooops…I’m LATE!


Well, now that everyone has moved on to other news, I will be the LAST to have you tour my home…

Please note…none of these pictures are “recent” they are all pics I’ve taken in the past, but I haven’t changed anything lately so at least the floor is swept πŸ™‚

Here is the pic of my house. I didn’t want to get the door b/c it needs to be painted…bad…
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Here is my kitchen…where I surprise my family by announcing dinner via the buzzing of our smoke detector…seriously, this happens almost every time I cook…sigh…
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This is my dining room where we sit to eat the yummy dinner that didn’t burn…it really didn’t…the alarm goes off b/c it’s too close to the stove…
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Here’s my living room…and my orange walls…they make me happy πŸ™‚
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Here’s my favorite corner of my living room…my music corner…one day I hope to have a music ROOM but when you have barely over 1,000 sq. ft in your home that’s just not an option.
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And the finale…our favorite spot…the backyard…this is what sold us on our house. We absolutely LOVE it. It is so peaceful and feels like our very own park in the backyard…now only if we could afford a playground…hmmm…
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Thanks for stopping by and seeing my home. Y’all come back now…ya hear?


20 thoughts on “Ooops…I’m LATE!

  1. You have such a cozy home! I love your kitchen…white cupboards are my favorite. Do you play the piano? I took lessons growing up, took a 10 year break and have been back at it for 2 years! LOL Your backyard is beautiful!!Kelli

  2. Thanks for stopping by for my tour and for the invite to yours! Love your house! Our first one was a little under 1,000 sq ft…an old mill house, built in the ’20s. I loved it! :)I love the orange walls!! They make me happy way over here! ;)We have more than 1000 sq ft now and I still don’t have a music room. πŸ™‚ Until then, the family will just have to suffer through my key-banging…when I have time for it, that is. ;)Come back and visit me anytime! πŸ™‚

  3. Steph your home is soooo pretty!!!!! I loove it! Hey… look this website over and let me know your professional opinion Gabe and I are signed up for classes in Sept!! I’m excited. I think it looks better than “Kindermusik” because there is so much awesome research behind the curriculum. Lookin forward to seeing what you think! Love ya- Windy

  4. That looks so much like a darling house we owned 2 children ago. We also had a smoke detector too close to the oven/stove, and yes, we had yellow walls and orange too! I’m not kidding!Any room that you make music in IS the music room. It’s lovely.

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