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What a NOVEL Idea!

I was skimming through blogs this morning and found this from Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer. Now I LOVE to scrap with the best of them and MOST of my pages look like an authentic “scrapper” put them together…HOWEVER, I have TWO preschoolers and a full time job that allow me NO time for scrapping let alone time for laundry, cooking, and showering…heh…

There is nothing wrong with simplifying…why can’t I get this in my head??? WHY!!!!

I live a crazy life…that’s it…that’s as simple as I can put it…

I love my life, but it’s crazy hectic…

So, thank you Shannon. I am TOTALLY going to take this tip and USE IT!!! Maybe you should have saved this for a WFMW?? It so totally would have fit 🙂


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