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I’m a Good Person, Really, I Am

Working in a secular environment…well, it sucks…

I hate when people complain about Christians being “hypocrites” and pretty much set you up to look that way. Oooh…let’s see if we can catch that Christian in a lie. Ooohhh let’s see if that Christian will gossip. Oooohh let’s see if we can get her to look stupid…I bet she’d do it for a cracker…


I by nature am a very passive person. It is frustrating to me to have to work with blatant liars, cheats, and gossips. I pride myself in living a life worthy of more than that…I am NOT saying that I am little miss perfect princess…I proved that this week. You drop your shield for one second and Satan is there to spear you through the gut. You remove your helmet you’re bound to get smacked upside the head.

Maybe I needed this to wake me up. Get me off my high horse. Well, God if that was you? I heard it, I felt it, and it stung.

So…today…I will raise my head and put that shield BACK on my arm and be sure my helmet’s on tight. Stupid neck straps…


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