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UGH!! Tuesdays!!

Why is it Tuesdays seem to be worse than Monday?? No…really…

Mondays are a drag because they’re Mondays, but it always seems like I’m able to finish laundry, cook dinner, mow the grass, feed the pigeons on my windowsill, leap tall buildings in a single bound…all with no problem…heh…

But Tuesday…well…

This week has been super busy. It’s VBS at church this week and this is the first year in who KNOWS how long that I have not LED a VBS let alone WORKED at one…sigh…Believe me…I’m not going through withdrawals or anything, but there is a slight tinge of guilt as I drive up to the church in my work clothes and walk into all of these cute little moms in their matching VBS FIESTA shirts…but then…oh then…HAH! I turn the corner and enter the chaos we call drop off time! Then all tinges of guilt rush OUT of my body and a smile crosses my face. I remember that we all go through seasons in our life and for reasons of which I thank God, He hasn’t got me stressing over this right now 🙂 But the driving has been fun…and expensive…

I have a headache, I’m tired, I’m cranky, I’m over the drama in this office, and I’m ready to go home and cuddle up under my clean sheets, look at my neatly folded laundry and tell myself it can wait til Wednesday night to be put away…sigh…


One thought on “UGH!! Tuesdays!!

  1. Thanks for serving all those years in VBS, etc. I don’t even know you, but I can tell you have a heart for God. I’m one of the ones that wore a VBS Fiesta shirt this year. Had a blast…great curriculum. Love the witch and monkeys thingie. Blessings.

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