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Rain, Rain, Come our Way!!

Here it is 12 days into hurricane season and it’s already started!! We have our very first storm of the season…meet Alberto…

Right now it’s raining BUCKETS! Who knew we would actually NEED this. This time of the year in FL is usually nice and wet. The warmer it gets, the wetter it gets it seems. Your errands are reduced to the mornings because it rains EVERY afternoon…well, not this year. This year our nice little city is 10 inches below annual rain fall levels. Who knew we’d be praying for a tropical storm? Well, I wasn’t…

You see…we just moved back to FL after living in KY for 3 1/2 years so we missed the bad hurricane season of ’04 and ’05. So, even though this is really needed, seeing a nice projection path, tornado warnings, possibilities of upgrades to hurricane status makes us a bit nervous. This is also the first time we’ve EVER owned our own home. Which brings on its own issues in and of itself. Like the fact that we had to pay more for home owner’s insurance because of those crazy seasons and the season ahead that has been predicted to be as bad…sigh…

So, I leave my worries at God’s feet because really, I don’t have anywhere else to lay them…all of my hurricane supplies are crowding my house 😉 Don’t worry bout us too much…we’ll be sitting at the beach sipping iced tea by the weekend! We HOPE!!


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