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Memorial Weekend

Why is it I always seem to blog right after the weekend? Today it would be Tuesday because I had yesterday off and it was spent in MUCH better company than my office can provide. Just to let you all know…I got an answer as to the question my last blog posted…heehee..can’t share…not yet anyway 🙂

It really just amazes me how God works in the details. So many people want to see Him work in huge ways…myself included, but you know what they say about hindsight…It is truly EXCITING to see the details that God just grabs up in His hands and really just works out in ways I NEVER thought possible…

I got an email from my realtor today that said that the house down the street from us sold for almost $30,000 more than what we paid for our house…it too is a 2br/2ba…THAT made me excited.

I hate red sand…I was still picking it out of Blake’s hair this morning…sigh…

BUT I LOVED our time at the beach yesterday…what FUN!!! We hung out at the beach for a few hours and I was the ONLY one in my family who got fried…good thing, I always feel WAY guilty if the boys get burnt…

After the beach, we went to some wonderful new friends’ house for a cookout and the food and caviar was delish!! Dana…my dh still wants that recipe!! heehee…Mike ate almost the WHOLE bowl of Texas Caviar!! It was yummy!!

So here I am back at work…my skin is turning a nice shade of brown to reflect the time spent out in the sun yesterday…My heart is happy…my eyes droopy because I am OH SOOOOO tired…

I thank God for the details He worked out to get us to where we are RIGHT NOW! And to see where we are headed??? WAY too exciting to put in to words. Scary as you know where, but exciting none the less…


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