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God was Good to me this weekend

Ugh…so yeah…haven’t posted in a while…sorry? Not that many people read this or anything…This past weekend was fun and eventful. It started off on Friday night. I had worked a long week at work and I was ready to get home, put the kids to bed and settle myself in front of my computer for our W@H Virtual Slumber Party. While many people wussed out early…ahem Maria and Monika…Jamie, Zoe and I partied till the wee hours of the morning, namely 3:30am okay well Jamie and I did…Zoe woke up early and stayed up because of the 5 hour time difference…There were MANY good laughs had all around and many times I had to literaly hold my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing out loud and waking up the whole house…

Saturday morning came early enough and thankfully a good friend of mine at church called me to verify the time for the kids’ choir practice…well, considering I completely forgot about it I was VERY thankful she called. Thankfully it wasn’t until 10:30 so I called the boys in from outside, gave them a bath and was able to make it to church in time to drop them off and make a coffee run. Afterwords Blake couldn’t stop talking about it. “Mom, that was SO awesome, it was SO cool.” He’s three…and a bit overdramatic.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning were spent doing Worship team as usual. Saturday night I was asked by one of our Worship Ministers (a husband and wife team) if I would be willing to take over the children’s choir in the fall. I have been praying that God would bring me something where I would be able to use my talents and feel productive. I told her I would think about it and pray about it. I mentioned it to Mike and he said, “Absolutely!” He had been praying the same thing without me even knowing it. I’ve directed Children’s choirs and musicals for the past 5 years at previous churches and I was really beginning to miss it. So we prayed about it and Sunday morning I accepted it. She also told me that they would eventually like to see this go into a paid position. Why did she tell me this? How did she know that I’ve been praying to find a way to either stay home or work part time or even full time with a VERY flexible schedule…She told me the whole reason she asked me was because they had been praying about it and talking about it and my name just kept coming up. They have never seen anything I directed or put on. Sometimes I wonder if they even think I’m good enough to sing on the worship team. I love when God does stuff like this. I feel like maybe I’m seeing a bit of light at the end of a VERY long tunnel at this point.

THEN Mike calls me yesterday saying that the owner of the warehouse that his company uses is looking for someone to do book/paperwork starting out at $10 an hour, but would be willing to pay more based on experience. This would be quite a bit of a cut in pay but it would only be 25-35 hours a week MUCH less than what I’m working now. I absolutely hate more than anything starting a new job or even having to quite a job, especially since I really like the people I work with. I know that if I do decide to quit my job that I’ll be riddled with guilt because I left my boss in this position…I’m really not THAT much of an asset to this company anyway…Besides…do I really want to be DEDICATED to MAIL of all things? NO!

Sigh…I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me. I know that whatever happens everything is going to be fine but at the same time I feel like God has seen us up and move just because we had the faith to do it. Is He telling me this is my next test? Am I going to trust Him and let Him guide me? Money’s not the issue because I know that God will provide for us, plus I can always teach piano as well which I miss WAY TOO MUCH! So with this I ask for prayers. Not that God would show me the way because I think He already is, but that I would get over myself and just trust Him fully!!


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