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What a Weekend

So I thought long and hard…okay not that long…about a name for this blog. I came up with Life in Overdrive because that is how I feel so much of the time…Overdriven, Overtired, Overworked, and many, many more overs…

This weekend was no exception…Friday night it was my turn to have my Women’s Small Group over to my house…I had to take PTO day at work just to get my house ready and in order…let’s remember people that we have only been in our house for about a month and a half…no, I’m not that big of a slob…actually pretty neat…sometimes…

Anyway…Friday night my house was immaculate so I was happy. Saturday I was so wore out from the grocery shopping, unpacking, and decorating my hosue on Friday that I didn’t do much of anything. The boys were VERY good…Ry even took a NAP!! Saturday night we had church (dh and I are doing both Sat. night services right now). Sunday we went to an earlier service than when we normally go b/c we had company coming in that afternoon. It’s spring break in KY so one of my bestest friends came down with her boys and were sweet enough to drive an hour and a half out of their way so we could see them. They spent all afternoon with us in the backyard while the kiddos played on the Slip and Slide. Sunday night was my Sister’s birthday dinner at Chop’s…yum. yum. It was a bit stressful having our kids there in a swanky restaurant but there was nobody else there so after a martini I started to relax a bit…

We got home at about 11:30 sunday night…AND NO it didn’t stop there…Monday morning I woke up LATE!! It was 8:20 when I awoke to B’s eyes staring right back into mine! We normally leave our house by no later than 8:30!! Thankfully I had showered the night before, because it was a mad rush to get myself and two children ready to go out the door in 10 minutes…I was driving down the road and was wondering why I couldn’t see. Did I put my contacts in this morning? Yes, I remember doing it, plus I can feel the contact in my left eye…man it’s bothering me…Are my allergies acting up? Probably, we sat outside for dinner last night…After dropping the boys off at the babysitter’s I called my boss and said I had to go home and change out my contacts…she’s probably thinking how lame an excuse is that? I get home and go to take my contacts out…I can’t get the one out of my right eye, so I go for the left and what falls out but TWO contacts!!DURH!! So I throw those out and put new ones in…Don’t worry it wasn’t wasteful I was on week 7 or 8 for my monthly lenses…I get back to work and am able to see…YAY!!

Monday night we had more friends from KY over…This time one of the boys from our youth group was here (he’ll be going to Embry Riddle in the fall)…I’ll post more about that later…I’m tired of typing now and my lunch is sitting in front of me wanting to be eaten…

To sum up my weekend…Phew!! BUT How blessed am I? I was able to spend Friday night with some of the most awesome women I know…Saturday with the best boys a mom could ask for…Sunday with my bestest friend in the whole world and our kids, and Monday making the biggest ars out of myself 🙂 What else could I ask for? Pass me another martini…j/k 😉 sort of…


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